Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcome to First Grade!

1st Grade Parents and Students!
School Resumes- Tuesday, August 22 2017
1st Grade Classroom
1st Grade Classroom
School Family Picnic- Thursday, August 24 2017 (parents, family, staff, and community) 

Things to Know

*Parents will be sent information home daily in student take home folders.
*Forms will be sent the first week.
*Our Schedule will be finalized by the end of the week.
*Parents donate graham crackers for AM snack (milk served daily and fruit is served 3 times weekly)

* We will decide if parents prefer to bring PM snack or if a rotation schedule for community snack works better.
* Parents are always welcome in our classroom & volunteers are welcome!
* Students will bring books home daily from the library.  These books are to be read at home with parents.  Our school participates in the Accelerated Reader Program.  There are 5 question quizzes on books with the blue ACR stickers.  Please fill out the slips when your child is ready to quiz in order to earn points and reading prizes.  This program is K-6 and amounts to about 20 books per month.
* Books that are not ACR can be counted in the classroom.  There is a tiny books report slip for these books.
* Read Around books are books your child is to read to 3-5 people or when there is minimal struggle or errors.  This helps students with confidence in their own reading and promotes reading fluency.
* Homework sent home is usually something the student was unable to finish in class.
* Students are encouraged to use classroom technology resources at home if available

Monday, July 27, 2015

Contact Information

Mrs. Gayla Schill
PO Box 130 (school) 102 (personal)
Wing, ND 58494
(701) 943-2319 School 

1st Grade Supply List

2- 1 subject wide ruled notebooks
3- pocket folders 
1- bottle of glue & 4- glue sticks 
1- box of crayons (24) 
2- boxes of markers 
1- 12 inch ruler 
1- pair of scissors 
1- pack #2 pencils & pencil top erasers 
1- pencil/crayon box & 2- erasers 
1- pair of gym shoes (non-marking soles) 
1- pair regular/outside shoes 
1- change of clothes & 1- old paint shirt 
2- boxes of Kleenex 
2- LG antibacterial wipes 
1-small hand sanitizer

Please call me for access to community/area resources to help families experiencing hardship in purchasing these items.   

Saturday, May 30, 2015